GentleCure Skin Cancer Treatment

Surgery Isn’t the Only Option for Treating Your Skin Cancer. Discover why patients are choosing GentleCure, Image-Guided SRT to cure their skin cancer.

If you suspect that you have skin cancer or have recently been diagnosed and were told you need treatment, schedule an appointment with us today to explore your options. We offer GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT)—the non-surgical, gold-standard treatment for skin cancer. On your first visit, we will review your pathology report, discuss your treatment goals, and work with you to determine the treatment option that best meets your needs.

Want to Cure Skin Cancer Without Surgery?

GentleCure is a gentle, surgery-free treatment that is safe and has a 99%+ cure rate in Basal and Squamous cell skin cancers. Treatment is done right in our office over the course of a few weeks using an advanced Image-Guided SRT machine. It is the only skin cancer treatment with ultra-sound imaging that lets you see the cancer on the screen and review the progress made throughout the course of treatment until there are no visible signs of cancer.

GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT) is designed to be a painless treatment for skin cancers that are:

  • Large
  • Located in cosmetically sensitive areas
  • For patients who do not want surgery
  • For patients concerned about surgical scaring

What to Expect with Treatment:

  • At each treatment session, you will sit in a chair and ultrasound gel will be applied to the site of the cancer. Using an imaging wand, we will look at a detailed image of your cancer on screen. You can see the image yourself from the comfort of the chair. We will use that image to measure the size and shape of the tumor, calculate the precise dose of treatment, and define the treatment area.
  • Once the imaging is complete, the arm of the device will be placed over the treatment site and the exact dose of X-ray energy will be used to treat the cancer site without harming the healthy tissue around it.
  • Each treatment session takes about 15 minutes from the time you walk in the door to when you leave the office. You will come back several times a week for short treatment sessions, and in 4-to-7 weeks, treatment will be complete.
GentleCure SRT 100 Vision

More than 66,000 Patients have been Successfully Treated with GentleCure

Patients report being satisfied with GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT). In a survey of more than 12,000 patients who completed treatment, 99.9% reported being happy with their treatment decision and said they would recommend GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT) to others.

Hear What People Say About Image-Guided SRT: Stories From Patients

GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT) has a proven track record that is backed by science & clinical research

GentleCure Clinically Proven

Yu L, et al. Oncol Ther.2021;9(1):153-166.
Retrospective chart review evaluating LC rates of 1632 patients with 2917 stage 0-II carcinomas

Published research has found:


  • In 2021, chart reviews were conducted for 1632 patients who had Image-Guided SRT to treat one or more early-stage basal or squamous cell skin cancers. Of those patients, 2917 skin cancers in total were treated. The results showed a 99.3% cure rate with Image-Guided SRT. The cure rate is equivalent to Mohs Surgery.
  • In 2022 and 2023, additional studies were published that showed the efficacy and safety of Image-Guided SRT to be superior to non-image-guided forms of radiation therapy across skin cancer types—confirming its use as an additional, effective, and first-line option for Basal and Squamous cell skin cancers. 

More information about the published research supporting the use of GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT) can be found here

Why Dr. Malinski Choses to Offer GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT)

There are several different radiation-based treatments available for skin cancer. But the safety, cure rates, and cosmetic outcomes vary based on the treatment technology and clinical protocols used. We chose GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT) because it is the only skin cancer treatment with advanced imaging that lets us see and measure the cancer and adapt the dose to precisely what you need at each stage of treatment. It has also been shown to be the safest and most effective of all radiation-based treatments for skin cancer with superior cosmetic results.

If you are considering radiation therapy to treat your skin cancer, make sure you are getting GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT) with adaptive radiotherapy protocols. It’s the safe, effective, and gentle way to treat skin cancer using the most advance treatment technology available today.

GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT) is Covered by Medicare & Most Health Insurance Plans

With most insurance plans, you may have to pay some out-of-pocket cost. That cost will depend on your specific health plan coverage. Before you commit to a treatment option, we will work with your insurance plan to determine the potential cost to you, so you can make an informed treatment decision. If you are worried about affording treatment, let us know and we can discuss your  options.

Side Effects & Cosmetic Results

When X-ray energy is used to kill cancer cells, your body will replace the cancer cells with healthy tissue over time. There is no additional surgical scarring and no need for reconstructive surgery. There is, however, a small risk of skin atrophy (thinning of the skin) and pigment changes (changes in the color of the skin) at the treatment site. Other potential side effects may include skin inflammation with redness and swelling at the treatment site. Topical creams or ointments can be used over the course of treatment to minimize these side effects, and the side effects usually resolve in 2-to 6-weeks post treatment is completion. There is also a risk of alopecia (hair loss) in the treated area only.

In the 7 years that patients have been receiving GentleCure (Image-Guided SRT), there have been NO reported cases of secondary skin cancers occurring as a result of treatment.

When it comes to skin cancer, you deserve options.

We are here to help.

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer and would like to discuss your treatment options, or you are concerned that you may have skin cancer and need treatment, give us a call (985) 202-DERM.